Bed and Breakfasts are something of a quaint old trade that offer a far cosier way for people to enjoy a stay away from home. It isn’t always the case but a lot of these places are run in a traditional manor which really tends to suit this type of establishment. Sometimes though that traditional manner can hold you back in certain areas, particularly when it comes to marketing. We live in a digital world and it can really benefit you to make sure people can see your business whenever they’re browsing. Here are a few tips for you to help you broach the world of digital marketing and let people know all about your bed and breakfast.

Free Advertisement

Before you start spending money on creating online adverts it’s important to be aware that there are in fact a few simple ways that you can advertise your place for no money at all. Perhaps the most obvious way to do this is through social media, create a profile for your bed and breakfast on sites like Facebook, Instagram and twitter. Make sure you post plenty of pictures and content on there and don’t forget to get people to tag you and share their own pictures on their pages too. This is essentially the digital version of word of mouth.

Another great way to let people find out about you B&B is by setting up pages on free and relevant metasites, the most well-known being TripAdvisor. Here people can see all the services you offer, book a room and even rate and review your services too. Remember though not all reviews will be good, if you get a bad one, remember to reply with courtesy and kindness, even when the customers comments may not offer such niceties.

Low Cost Marketing
Low Cost Marketing

Low Cost Marketing

If you find the free options aren’t really helping you out much and you’d like to invest a little fear not, it won’t cost you too much to extend your reach a little bit. You can pay for those same social network services to push out your posts to more of its users, unfortunately you may find that these services (particularly Facebook) often stop many of your followers from seeing you posts unless you pay for advertising with them which is very frustrating. Better yet you can pay for online tools like Google Hotel Ads, Google is easily the most used search engine so by paying for these ads anyone that searches for a place to stay near you will see you service before anyone else’s along with any good reviews and images too.

Make sure any images or videos that you post of your B&B are of the best quality, often people will judge you place simply using the pictures that they see, people want to know what their rooms look like, what the food you will offer is like and how comfortable the atmosphere is so you’ll want it to look its best.

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