Wine Tasting

Another great way to unwind is with a great view and a nice glass of vino. At the end of 2018 the amount of people who booked on to wine tasting experiences shot up by a staggering 700%. It appears that people cannot get enough of testing out different wines, so much so that they are organising entire holidays around the activity. If you’re lucky enough to be placed near a local vineyard or even just a great supply of the stuff then you too can offer wine tasting experiences for your customers. Why stop there though? Another popular activity is wine tasting combined with meditation, there is arguably no better way to enjoy a glass of wine than after mellowing out in a good meditative state, plus once again you’re ticking off two current trends with one activity.

Gorging on Carbs

As well as booking in on wine tasting experiences people are really starting to get into cooking experiences too. When you travel somewhere it’s likely that you’ll want to partake in the local cuisine and it seems thanks to the popularity of cooking from scratch, people are taking part in cooking experiences wherever they go. It should come as no surprise, what better way to enjoy a local delicacy or regional delight than have a specialist help you to make it, and of course tuck into it, yourself? It seems that the most popular of these experiences involve carbs, think things like bread baking, pizza making or crafting your own pasta, as long as its carb-based people cannot get enough of it. Try and think of what you could offer, perhaps there is some local speciality that you could help people cook up or maybe there is a specialist baker of chef in the area that you could do a deal with? This is a great way to offer something unique with relative that people will love, everyone’s a winner.

cooking experience
cooking experience

Historic Discovery

History has been growing in popularity over the last few years, it’s probably because there are so many amazing and revealing tv shows, documentaries and podcasts teaching us all about the stuff that we never dreamed could be interesting in our school days. The great thing about history is that it’s absolutely everywhere. No matter where you might be there will be a story or two, a relic, a historic building, something that will illustrate just how that place came to be. History based holidays are one of the biggest reasons for travel today, selling 3 times more than food and drink-based trips. That means you absolutely cannot go wrong by trying to include something at your bed and breakfast to entice these vacationers. For some it will be easy, find a local landmark organise trips around it, though that may not always be the case. If not, perhaps you should look into the local history of the area, find out what people can enjoy, there may even be some hidden gems right under your nose that people will absolutely love.

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