The art of running a Bed and Breakfast appears to be garden perfect every day. As we know, having guests for a weekend causes us to break out the vacuum attachments and handy magic erasers. Bed and Breakfast owners are hosts every day of the week. A daily dedication to their business is the inspiration guests appreciate during their visit. Understanding the behind the scenes efforts lead us to wonder how they keep their Bed and Breakfast in a Guest Ready condition.

Whether you are hopeful to own a piece of the B&B pie or are looking for tips to use at home, the secret of success requires only a few factors. A Bed and Breakfast needs to be ready for the arrival of reservations along with impromptu visitors who drop in for a room. Applying the following guidelines in your regimen will have you both confident and company ready.


One of the most important words for any business owner is Organization. Having a place for everything and everything in its place makes it simple to stay on task. As guests are arriving and departing, having a system in place ensures the room is ready for the next reservation. When surfaces and spaces are organized, the neatened appearance and ease of upkeeping is a definite goal to meet. Speaking of surfaces, following the suggestion that less is more applicable in most cases. Being able to quickly clean and dust the area reduces the time involved and expedites the results.


A to do list seems never ending when you own a Bed and Breakfast. Completing tasks that are a part of the routine is efficient when they are scheduled. Mornings are busy with preparations for Breakfast and will benefit from a timely regimen. Business owners will tell you just how chaotic their life would be if they did not hold true to their schedule. When you run an establishment or a household, there is a number of items on your list. From paperwork and expenses to daily projects, your schedule will become your own personal assistant.


Day to day activities can leave a trail. Many owners reside in the Bed and Breakfast they operate. They also enjoy meals, snacks and movie nights along with their daily repertoire. Keeping their home or Business neat as a pin requires their doings and actions remain invisible. When there are indicators left out for guests to see, it can make cleaning up more difficult and leave the wrong impression on visitors. It is easy to achieve if you follow the mantra “clean as you go”.

Procrastination can lead to undesirable consequences. Each moment you put off a task, it is added to tomorrows to do list. Owners and Operators must strive to stay on top of the day. It requires diligence and dedication to run a Bed and Breakfast. Staying organized, true to your schedule and keeping your activities behind the scene all contribute to a successful day at a Bed and Breakfast.

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