The definition of ‘bed and breakfast’ is as simple as it is known worldwide. Here the guest gets a cheap overnight stay and a full breakfast. The owners usually are private persons as this type of accommodation is not a part of well-known brand chains. Therefore, the prices are mostly lower than those offered by hotels. Moreover, B&Bs can be found in good and quiet locations. In the past few years, Airbnb has become a significant competitor for commercial providers. It is, therefore, more important than ever to offer all the benefits of a suitable bed and breakfast. That is the only way for operators to stand out from other private landlords.

Family Life

Three things stand out in particular: a good room, a nutritious breakfast, and a friendly atmosphere. After all, the guest should feel at home. That works when a traveller meets a family who likes to take in and entertain guests. Of course, breakfast also plays another important role. You can find rooms primarily offered in private houses, which, in a way, makes travellers almost automatically involved in the family life of the providers. But that does not always have to be the case. Numerous providers separate their B&Bs area from private rooms. Then the guests are accommodated in a separate house or an apartment. However, this option depends on the available spatial resources.

Bedroom, Kitchen, and Bathroom

Bed and breakfast is an easy way to travel. That can significantly reduce costs. Therefore, it is no wonder that many guests still prefer this type of accommodation to a nameless hotel. If you want to offer a bed and breakfast yourself, you need appropriate premises. These essentially consist of a bedroom and access to the bathroom and kitchen. In this case, a well-equipped kitchen is essential, that includes not only a large refrigerator and a stove, but also a well-functioning dishwasher. This way, washing up after a hearty breakfast is not a challenge for the host.

Bedroom, Kitchen, and Bathroom
Bedroom, Kitchen, and Bathroom

That is especially important when guests want to entertain themselves in the kitchen. Then it makes sense to create a short guide on how to operate the devices and instruct the visitors. Regular use of the devices naturally also requires regular maintenance. In this way, providers are spared nasty surprises at the worst possible moment. Of course, sufficient cutlery and crockery must be available too. That also applies to the numerous kitchen aids, such as can openers, wooden spoons and bottle openers. In this way, guests can cater for themselves if necessary.

Cleanliness and hygiene are a must too. That not only applies to the kitchen but, of course, to the bathroom and the bedrooms. A clean environment ensures that the guests feel comfortable and will be happy to come back if necessary. Bed and breakfast is something of a philosophy of life for many travellers. Anyone who feels comfortable in their temporary home will be happy to report positive things about it and at the same time act as the best advertising medium.

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