More and more consumers are choosing Airbnb’s and smaller Bed and Breakfasts when traveling. Now more than ever, especially due to COVID-19, guests are looking for more of a home away from home to limit their interaction with strangers. The hospitality business is booming and there is competition everywhere you look. People are renting out their extra rooms, apartments, and homes on Airbnb, and more people are opening up Bed and Breakfasts. If you own a Bed and Breakfast, it is so important to stand out in this crowded industry and make a name for yourself. But how? Keep reading to find out.

Make a good first impression

First impressions are everything, especially when it comes to accommodations. When guests arrive, the appearance and atmosphere can really set the tone for their stay. Guests expect a warm, friendly welcome when they get to your home. Bed and Breakfast hosts should show guests to their room and on the way, offer a tour of the home. Offering light snacks and beverages, such as coffee, tea, and cookies in the lobby area is a great idea and will allow guests to relax after their trip. Another great gesture is to offer a welcome basket or tray that includes fruits, desserts, or mints, along with any helpful information that they may need during their stay. These small gestures will give off a good first impression of your Bed and Breakfast and have guests excited about their stay and more likely to refer your place to friends and family.

Nice, neat bedroom with pictures on wall
Nice, neat bedroom with pictures on wall

Be a home away from home

Your goal should be for your guests to feel right at home. So, make them feel as if it were their home. A good idea is to offer an area designated to snacks, coffee, and tea, so that your guests can help themselves anytime, day or night. If your guests have children, it would be a great idea to offer a space where you keep board games, puzzles, and books and magazines to keep them entertained. Also, your Bed and Breakfast must have free WIFI available for your guests. So many people work on the go, children love surfing the web for kid-friendly programs to watch, and adults like to browse fun games on the internet. Offering free WIFI is the perfect way for your guests to feel right at home. Also, if you’re located in an area that attracts tourists, it’s a good idea to keep a scrapbook, old pictures, brochures, and any material that can help your guests get a feel for the area.

Offer incentives for staying

A great way to make your Bed and Breakfast stand out from the rest is by offering discounts and incentives for guests who stay with you. Offer a rewards or loyalty program for guests who stay with you often and even for those guests who refer your establishment to others. Once they collect so many points, reward them with a free stay, gift card, or dinner at a local restaurant. This will keep your guests happy and ensure that they keep coming back to stay with you.

Provide essentials

How many times have you gotten to your destination only to realize that you forgot some essential items needed for your stay. That is the worst feeling, which is why it’s such a nice perk to offer essential items for your guests in case they forgot theirs. Keep essential items such as soaps, hand lotion, disposable toothbrushes and razors, toothpaste, floss, feminine hygiene products, and travel size shampoos and conditioners on hand. These are the items most frequently packed and easily forgotten by travelers. Also, provide your guests with extra towels, enough pillows and blankets, as well as an iron and ironing board. It’s a good idea to have a coat rack in the common area, or better yet, in their rooms. Also, keep an umbrella stand near the door in the lobby. Other items that will make your guests’ stay more enjoyable are hair dryers, makeup mirrors, curling irons, and even robes.

Go the extra mile

Breakfast in bed
Breakfast in bed

How far you’re willing to go for your guests is what will really set you apart from the other Bed and Breakfasts in your area. Providing more than what’s required and really thinking about your guests can really blow your guests away. For example, if a couple on their honeymoon is staying with you, you could take it upon yourself to offer them a complimentary breakfast in bed, along with a list of romantic restaurants for a dinner date. Maybe you have a family with kids traveling a long distance, so you decide to offer brochures of kid-friendly fun centers and family friendly restaurants that they can visit. These thoughtful gestures will go a long way and set you apart from your competition. Going the extra mile is what will bring in repeat guests that will leave you outstanding reviews.

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