As a population, we use a ranking system in our endeavors. Purchases and choices are often made after we speculate the Ratings of the item. This method is extremely useful when making travel arrangements. Where to stay is the first question of the planning process and usually results in consulting varied reviews. Bed and Breakfasts are not an exception when it comes to being Rated. B&B’s have a high standard to reach. Fewer visitors and less square footage presents an opportunity for them to shine where it matters the most.

How are Bed and Breakfasts Rated

Bed and Breakfasts stand in their own classification. They are not the same as a regular lodge and do not fall into a hotel category. The Rating checklist is similar with a few tweaks to complement the details of the venue.

Location and Amenities – Where a Bed and Breakfast is located has a big impact on its Ratings. There is a balance that is met between private settings and local opportunities. Ease of accessibility is another component that is added to the equation.

There are certain expectations we have when amenities are involved. Internet access and phone service are modern requirements when away from home. From televisions to toiletries, an establishment without the right amenities will likely lose points in the Rating department.

Service and Cleanliness –  How a guest is greeted and treated through their stay will speak volumes about a Bed and Breakfast. The staff should meet reasonable requests and ensure the guest is taken care of. As they say, a Happy Guest is a Happy Review.

If you arrive at a location that is less than clean, you will not feel at ease with your stay. From the lobby to the guest rooms, a neat and clean environment will indicate how the business is ran. Knowing you are in clean surroundings will prevent additional concerns such as pests or bacteria.

Comfortability and Scenery – Blankets, pillows and the bed itself will be included in a Bed and Breakfasts Ratings. A rooms setting holds the key to coziness that ultimately reflects on the experience. During your stay, enjoying a fuss free weekend away is the mark of a great vacation.

Landscaping around the building creates a welcoming presence. Gardens, trails and natural views enhance a guests perception of the property. Scenic ambiance is a definite positive on the Ratings list.

Affordability and Food –  If a venue is overpriced for the accommodations, it is not likely a guest will return. If a Bed and Breakfast stays in a reasonable cost line with the region, it will contribute to a better Review. Economics is generally a deciding factor when choosing where to stay.

Bed and Breakfasts are known for their generous morning meals. Whether they offer a buffet, table side service or continental options, Breakfast is an anticipated part of the stay. Foods should be served fresh with a variety for differing tastes.

The Ratings of a Bed and Breakfast have several factors involved. When comparing your options, these  items on the checklist agenda will offer you the best view of the B&B before you commit to a reservation.

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