In the face of societal changes, businesses need to err on the side of caution through their transactions. Advertisements, information given, and promotions need to stay within a specific boundary. If they veer off of the line, they may incur fees and legal repercussions that could cost them their business. An example of such an occurrence happened almost thirty years ago to a Bed and Breakfast in California. A couple was refused a room for the night based on the fact they were traveling with a small child.

Why was this a Problem for Bed and Breakfasts

Bed and Breakfasts are known to be a getaway retreat. The cozy surroundings and elegant grounds mark a romantic weekend for a lot of couples. B&B’s also host families and individuals for a variety of occasions. Depending on the location, there may be a preference for an adult only atmosphere. Oftentimes, people looking for a quiet day away will have a sitter for the weekend. Owners would try to seclude the reservation list to prevent a loss of their main guest demographic.

In regards to the case mentioned above, it was noted as an act of discrimination against age. Each state has their own regulations on the matter, however across the board it is illegal to refuse service to a consumer based on age, race or nationality, gender, religion or disability. When the Bed and Breakfast did not offer the couple a room because they were traveling with a minor child, they fell into the parameter of facing charges in court. The B&B was able to settle out of court and salvage their reputation.

How Can B&B Owners and Consumers Avoid This in the Future

Bed and Breakfasts have been advised to understand the laws that circulate specific discriminatory indicators. It is important for families to enjoy their stay as much as it is imperative for B&B Owners to provide a positive experience. There are certain cues guests can look for when finding a family friendly location versus a quieter ambiance.

  • Bed and Breakfasts that post double occupancy only is letting guests know only two persons may stay in one room. If there is a third or more of any age, a second room charge will be necessary.
  • If an Inn does not offer accommodations such as cribs or snacks after hours, this is a good clue they are not set up for smaller guests.
  • When a Bed and Breakfast makes it a point to discuss the lavish bedding and silky surroundings, you will ultimately spend more time keeping sticky fingers from the luxurious amenities than actually enjoying them.

Owners will be happy to accept your family at their Inn yet may not be able to offer the excellent experience they strive to deliver due to their lack of supplies to accommodate your needs. There are several Bed and Breakfasts that welcome children with play areas, special mealtimes and a child appropriate atmosphere. Using listing guides and travel assistants can help find the perfect B&B for your vacation.

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