Once you experience the magic of a Bed and Breakfast, it may inspire your entrepreneurial side. The notion of both living and working in a delightful home holds an undeniable charm. You can almost hear the birds singing as you open the windows and the chime of the bell when your first guest arrives. While an apple pie life seems simple in theory, as with any business there are guidelines that need to be addressed and followed.

Before you sign papers on your own chateau, there is a list of expectations that you have to incorporate into your plan. It seems as if the process should start with a made bed and end with a plateful of Eggs Benedict. Bed and Breakfasts are designed to graciously host an evening or weekend. The warming welcome and cozy appeals can come to a screeching halt if the right paperwork and documents are not obtained.

Bed and Breakfast Steps

Your first order of Bed and Breakfast business is to check with your local zoning departments and regional business departments. There is the matter of financing your endeavor, business plans to originate, Insurance to obtain and inspections to pass before you can officially open.

Breakfast Bell

Breakfast time is a staple at a Bed and Breakfast. It is hard to find a flaw in cooked bacon and pancakes, yet there is a regulation when it comes to merging with the food industry. Food safety is governed with specific criteria, equipment and quality. Certificates and State or county issuances will need to be on the premises prior to opening the door. Decisions such as menu, serving style and seating are all early choices that you will include into your documentation.

Room Rules

The amount of rooms you will have for guests need to be predetermined to gain the right licensure. Fiscal accountabilities and taxation systems are a large part of running a business. Health inspectors and zoning representatives will walk through your establishment. Having a checklist established and covered prior to their visit will reduce the items that need altered or fixed.

Need to Know

Furniture will need to meet certain standards. From sanitation to comfortability, the furnishings enhance the ambiance and experience. Décor and detail will need to be set up with the theme you envision. An agenda for how the business will run is a priority. Staffing needs, schedules and prices are all a part of the plan before you can turn the light on.

It is advised to have your chosen vendors in place for food, equipment and supplies. You want to be fully stocked and ready for your grand opening. Advertising your big day is set well in advance of the event. Websites, booking options and availability are must haves for modern businesses. When you convert your living space into a Bed and Breakfast, considerations are made in the everyday details. A successful Bed and Breakfast takes the time to plan ahead. Each step you take will bring you closer to your dreams becoming a reality.

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