One of the unique enchantments of a Bed and Breakfast is in its style and ambiance. The feeling of home is captured with tradition, essence and nostalgia. The surroundings are designed to make each guest feel welcome. Once you experience the heartwarming atmosphere, it is easy to understand why Bed and Breakfasts are known for their special connections with their guests. It is not one specific picture or ribbon wrapped basket that creates the appealing nature of a Bed and Breakfast.

When you examine the theme there is a parallel of details that decoratively explain what a B&B represents. There are a few styles that are commonly found at a Bed and Breakfast. In designer terms, Country Chic, Victorian, Provencal and Traditional seem to be the most prevalent décor. Bed and Breakfasts honor a historical sense of the area and the B&B founders background. The culture and focus of the region is often displayed for guests.

Welcoming Walls of a B&B

You can see a Bed and Breakfast Style in every room. Consistent themes will follow through with a clean and neat presentation. Entry ways will set the pace for the design and your check in. Once you sign on the dotted line, you are free to explore the generous setting. One aspect you will notice is the wall coverings. From painted walls to wall paper, there is a homelike pattern of colors or prints. Rich florals and intricate touches are prominent in Victorian and Country Chic styles. Stated stripes or dual tones are seen in more Provencal and Traditional themes.

The walls serve as the backdrop for the décor. Wall hangings such as tapestries or paintings are utilized for a grandeur touch. The smaller decorative pieces will include vases of flowers, picture frames and bowls or baskets that will remind us of simpler nostalgic times. Book shelves have photos, books and memories to make us feel at home. Matching furnishings complete each room with a worry free and thoughtful style.

Warm Lighting and Rooms

Bed and Breakfasts use lighting to compliment the atmosphere. Plenty of sunlight brings a cheerful and breezy outlook. Lamps and overhead lights are elegantly subtle. The concept is to avoid bright fluorescents that can detract from the ambiance of the B&B. Enriching warmth is the glow that Bed and Breakfast owners strive to offer their guests. The rooms in a Bed and Breakfast are set up for a comfortability.

Plush, soft and cozy are the key words for Guest rooms. They are created to envelop a private and peaceful impression. Homelike additions to the area are evident from the curtains to the small accents on the dresser.   Bed and Breakfasts are able to connect with their guests through décor, design and friendly service. We all have memories that we hold and near and dear to our hearts. Whether it was a night at your Grandparents or the fireplace at home, Bed and Breakfasts are just the sincerity you would hope for during your travels.

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