Planning a vacation or trip can involve a stressful barrage of details to attend to. The when, what and why of your list will undoubtedly include a where. With so many options, rates and amenities to choose from, it can be time consuming to research all of them. The smartest way to narrow down your choices is to pick the style of venue you are looking for. Once you hit the search button, a variety of information will pop up. Hotels, Bed and Breakfasts, Inns and Boutique Hotels will show availability. The common thread they all share is they offer accommodations for the day, night or week. The differences will appeal to the differing interests and needs of your stay.

Bed and Breakfasts

Cozy and warm, Bed and Breakfasts welcome you with a moderate cost and comfortable room. They have similar amenities without the fuss of corporate statures. B&B’s lend hospitality and a smaller establishment that is nearby attractions to enjoy. Graciously hosted, you will be met in the morning with a delicious Breakfast meal.


Most hotels are proprietary businesses. They are fully staffed to care for the multilevel complex of rooms. With a high attention to modernity, Hotels have all of the new and infused technologies. From a standard room to a suite, Hotels tend to be more extravagant in both their surroundings and prices. Although a bit higher priced, you often have features such as restaurants, room service and coffee shops all in the same building.

Boutique Hotels

The integration of lavish service and luxe settings are found at Boutique Hotels. With a central theme and accelerated personalization for each guest, they have made a name for themselves without belonging to a chain of Hotels. The experience caters to an elite sense of travel with individual preferences. The fees of a Boutique Hotel will vary greatly depending on the location.


Similar to Bed and breakfasts, Inns have a quiet disposition. They are usually presided over by an Inn keeper and a handful of employees. An Inn will have more rooms than a B&B and significantly less than a Hotel. Some will have dining rooms that serve one to three meals in a day. The pricing is moderate while offering the comforts of convenience.


The term Motel is often confused with Hotel. A Motel is known to have an outside entry to rooms. They are designed for a quick stop or for those in need of a room without the concern of in-depth services. Nice rooms are often found in the midst of cities or off of the highway. The Motel bill is reasonable for the facilities and location. Knowing the keen differences between a Bed and Breakfast and a Hotel will simplify the traveling process. Whether the factors include cost or privacy, you will find exactly what you are looking for. No matter the journey, your destination will be a home away from home.

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