Breakfast is said to be the most important meal of the day. It is also one of the many aspects you look forward to when you visit a Bed and Breakfast. A misconception among the masses is all Bed and Breakfasts serve a Sunday style feast each morning. The truth is, some are only licensed to serve minimal fares that do not require commercial kitchen statuses. The foods you can expect to be served will vary by location. Understanding the Flavors of Bed and Breakfasts are easy to define. There are a variety of ways they serve a delicious compliment to the day.

Light Fares

Made in house or ordered fresh from a local bakery, some Bed and Breakfasts offer a splendor of tasty muffins and pastries. Baskets and bowls of baked goods appeal to the heart of the morning. Fruits, juices tea and coffee are the perfect accompaniment to greet the sunshine. Breakfasts that have a lighter menu are considered to be Continental. There may be a variety of yogurts, bagels and toppings available for you to enjoy. Oatmeal and cereal are additional choices at certain locations.

Hot and Fresh

When the kitchen is in full operation, you can expect local dishes to be prominently a part of the menu. Eggs, meats and potatoes are common Breakfast foods that are hearty and filling. You will find a diverse selection amongst B&B’s. Omelets to Benedicts, the specialty of the house will be an event you don’t want to miss. Waffles or Pancakes can also be an added bonus to the list of menu choices. There is no right or wrong when it comes to hot Breakfasts. It is entirely reliant on the region and culture you are visiting. Breakfast and Brunch has its own meaning for each Bed and Breakfast style.

Lighter fares along with hot and fresh menus are served according to how the Bed and Breakfast is set up. Some establishments have a formal dining area and others have a common room. Making the decision where to stay should include your preferences.

  • Full service- Table service requires you to order ahead or at the moment. Foods are prepared on a guest by guest basis and are served by staff.
  • Buffet- You may find a Breakfast buffet to start the day. From hot to cold, Buffets will be stocked and ready for Guests to help themselves.
  • Self-Serve- Continental and lighter fares are usually Self-Serve. You can pick and choose among a generous amount of choice treats.
  • Family Style- Bed and breakfasts may serve Breakfast at a table for everyone to gather. Family styles will have large portions of foods set in the center for a friendly pass along the dish option.

Breakfast can come to our morning with a number of definitions, as everyone has their own routine they prefer to follow. However, should you begin your day at a Bed and Breakfast, you can be sure that rising and shining will be in the air.

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